Mount Bingham

JIMF Press release 22.03.2020 - ** EVENT CANCELLED** 

The Jersey international Motoring Festival organising team and the Classic Vintage and Modern Motor Racing Club of Jersey  regret to announce The 2020 Festival this year is cancelled.

We have been in constant contact with the various bodies regarding the Corona Virus and can conclude that the 10 week ban in Jersey on large gatherings of people in public spaces finishes at the end of May and our event would start early June. The ban and border controls could easily be extended. The risk of this Virus being passed onto our fellow Islanders and potentially some of our guests who could make it to us is too great.

I as Director of JIMF and Terry Gorvel as President of the Club, have found the cancellation of this event one of the hardest decisions to make.  We have been monitoring every decision between England, France Guernsey and Jersey hoping that the Channel Islanders would be more resilient and the Virus would not affect us but it has, and will in the months ahead.

I sincerely hope that all interested parties that were coming to our festival this year, will transfer your bookings and Join us next year to make it a bigger and better event. 

I ask you as custodians of many wonderful vehicles with a wealth of knowledge on classic vehicles to heed your local health authorities instructions to practice social distancing (the garage is a great place).  We would be happy to receive photographs and stories of your vehicle in order to place on the website for our fellow enthusiasts to read over the coming weeks and months and hopefully we will see the vehicles in the flesh 3rd-6th June 2021.


Please stay safe.


Steve Salmon Co-Ordinator JIMF

Terry Gorvel President of CVMRC



Mount Bingham
On Sunday morning of JIMF weekend the hill climb moves to Mount Bingham, where spectators can watch the action from a great vantage point near the swings and from the foot of the glacis field, overlooking the top bend. Starting just to the south of the multi- storey car park, there is a long flat right hand bend, followed by a short left and a straight, before the hairpin under the rock face. The hairpin is the tightest possible and is very challenging for both cars and bikes. Judging braking distance on the fast approach is critical, as it is very easy to lockup or overshoot!
A variety of techniques are used to get round the hairpin and a good trials bike is a definite advantage!
After the hairpin, it is a case of power on and climb up through a sharp right hander on to a steep incline, past the straw bales and a sharp left across the junction and up the to Fort Regent and the finish line. 
The crossover at the junction is particularly challenging due to the abrupt changes in direction and gradient. The eligibility for competing cars is manufactured before 1995, and for bikes before 1994. OR you can enter under our modern car categories. 
At the conclusion of the morning hill competitors will return to the Peoples' Park to participate in the show and active arena.